Early Learning and Child Care

All Andrew Fleck Children’s Services programs share a philosophy that is supportive of the right of every child and family to receive the highest quality of early learning and care that we can offer. Families know that we are committed to providing a high quality, multicultural, inclusive, early learning program for all children, in a nurturing environment that is respectful of each individual child’s needs.

Through play, children learn how to learn. Our programs offer a child-focused curriculum where our teaching teams and children work together to expand and develop a wide range of skills and competencies based on the emergent curriculum philosophy which builds upon the interests of the children. It is often spontaneous and responsive to their immediate interests; topics are driven by the ideas and questions from the children themselves.

We offer opportunities for growth and development in every area, while recognizing that each child is a unique individual. Parents are an integral part of our inclusive philosophy and we encourage families to be involved in the program as much as possible.

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