Resource Consultant Team Lead


Works within a specific geographical area co-ordinating the delivery of all support services for the CISS Inclusion Team providing resource support to early learning & child care programs for the successful inclusion of children who live with special needs.

Monitors program effectiveness; supervises and mentors inclusion team; oversees the development of Team Service Plans; Coordinates, identifies needs and oversees the delivery of training programs for the geographic area; nurtures and develops collaborative partnerships in the community.

Maintains the Resource Consultant role for a reduced caseload to support the optimum development and inclusion of children with special needs in licensed early learning & child care settings by advising, working closely and consulting with early learning & child care program staff, the children’s families, and with staff of community agencies to develop appropriate team service plans.

This is an itinerant role.

Key Objectives

  • To perform duties in accordance with the mission statement and core values ofAFCCS & the mandate of CISS
  • To assume a supervisory and leadership role for the inclusion team of aspecific geographic area
  • To coordinate and facilitate the implementation of resources and supports forthe successful inclusion of children who live with special needs attendinglicensed early learning & child care settings.
  • To build quality inclusion capacity by supporting the implementation of trainingfor early learning child care programs and families who have children withspecial needs;

Duties will include but not be limited to:

Leadership Role with Inclusion Team

  • Supervises Resource Consultants ;monitors caseloads; chairs inclusion teammeetings; participates in staff hiring and dismissal; evaluates ResourceConsultants; supports the orientation and training of staff and others; facilitatescommunication among staff; acts as role model, coach, mentor and providesleadership to the inclusion team.
  • Advises, consults and assists staff in planning and problem solving by providingresources, supports and training.
  • Ensures staff remain current and knowledgeable; makes recommendations forin-service training; advises manager/program supervisor of professionaldevelopment needs of staff; maintains own knowledge through professionaldevelopment.
  • Facilitates ongoing education on inclusion issues for staff and the broadercommunity in the geographic area; supervises the development of trainingprograms for CISS staff; staff in community programs and families; deliverstraining, participates in workshops, conferences and makes public presentationsin collaboration with Training and Resource Coordinator
  • Participates in ongoing program planning & evaluation to ensure high quality ofservice delivery.
  • Oversees the development and the ongoing review of Team Service Plans(TSP) of the inclusion team.
  • Negotiates, oversees and monitors the development of a support plan(agreement) with the Resource/Behaviour Consultant regarding the support &resources required by the program to enhance inclusion practices and qualityprogramming. Meets with CISS Management on a monthly basis to share,problem solve, for support

Role with families

  • Develops ongoing effective communication with parents/guardians on caseload;conducts home visits as required; shares information via direct contact,telephone, email, consultation reports, and minutes of meetings/reports;arranges/facilitates meetings as needed.
  • Provides resource information by identifying appropriate financial, recreational,educational and relief programs for families; assists families in linking withcommunity programs.
  • Advocates on the families’ behalf in accessing support/services as required andsupports parents/guardians in being their child’s advocate.
  • Assists families with transition to school process and attends meetings atparent’s request to share information; prepares progress reports and needsstatements; advocates, supports and reviews options with families, contactsspecial education consultants in the relevant school board; sets up meetingswith school administrators; arranges visits to schools; participates in IPRC andIEP meetings when requested by the parents.
  • Proactive role with families in geographic area: explains CISS support, supportsparents in linking with early learning & child care program supervisors to developsupport plan for the program

Role with community programs

  • Nurtures and develops collaborative partnerships in the community
  • Identifies and regularly reviews the developmental and behavioural needs ofchildren assigned to caseload; conducts regular consultations with communityearly learning & child care programs in order to assess the needs of the childrenand the support required by the staff at the program.
  • Oversees the development and ongoing review of Team Service Plans( TSP)for children; plans and facilitates case conferences to develop Team ServicePlans using a collaborative approach to identify goals and strategies.
  • Consults with community professionals such as therapists, doctors, socialworkers and other community consultants on a regular basis.
  • Consults with staff in early learning & child care settings on a regular basis tohelp staff develop strategies to incorporate child’s TSP goals into the existingprogram; regularly consults with programs to observe, model techniques andprovide recommendations to staff.
  • Solicits input from staff, parents and professionals in ensuring an appropriatereview and re-assessment of the child’s strengths /needs and develops a revisedTeam Service Plan as needed.
  • Develops effective communication with program staff to assist with ongoingproblem solving; attends staff meetings as needed; facilitates meetings asrequired; sets up communication binder and provides observations,suggestions/recommendations and strategies; maintains ongoing telephonecontacts; negotiates the level of Resource Consultant support for each child oncaseload.
  • Assists early learning & childcare staff in identifying the need for Behaviourfacilitator/ enhanced staff support; may assist in the hiring; provides orientationto the program assistant; explains the expectations of the program and the PArole; monitors the on-going need; reviews contract for enhanced staff supportand negotiates/recommends any required changes.
  • Provides resource support to early learning & child care programs regardingbehaviour management strategies through observations, discussions,recommendations and modelling techniques; identifies and regularly reviews thebehavioural needs of children on caseload; collects and analyzes data based onobservations; develops and supports the implementation of a behaviouralprogram; offers strategies based on analysis; monitors and evaluates programeffectiveness; provides revisions as required
  • Conducts Environmental Assessments for early learning & child care programsto support staff in developing their skills /knowledge in setting up a positiveage/stage appropriate learning environment; provides observations, feedback/recommendations, training and ongoing monitoring of changes/strategies.
  • Refers to appropriate Behaviour Consultant/Service based on diagnosis andneed for clinical input/intervention; consults/liaises with Behaviour Consultant onan ongoing basis as required.
  • Identifies, develops, provides and evaluates training (e.g. presentations, inservices, workshops) based on the training needs of the early learning & childcare staff regarding the individual needs of a child(ren) on the caseload.
  • Participates in the purchase, maintenance and distribution of resources;transports, distributes, collects, disinfects and stores toys, equipment, and otherresource material to support the programs and the families.
  • Develops, creates and edits communication systems to support communicationdevelopment of children using visual aids (PECS, picture exchange, writing withsymbols, photographs, sign language, and visual schedules); facilitates theimplementation and monitors effectiveness within the early learning & child careprogram.

Role with Agency (CISS &AFCS)

  • Carries out administrative duties; authors and distributes documentation; sets upand contributes to children’s files including face sheet, family needs assessment,TSP’s, progress and meeting reports, contacts, tracking forms, behaviouralconsents, release of information, equipment loans; provides data for statistics;completes mileage claims; provides weekly schedule and calls in for messagesdaily.
  • Participates in CISS and AFCCS activities as required; meets with Manager orProgram Supervisor to discuss concerns, needs of children on caseload, , stafftraining and perceived community needs; maintains advisor spreadsheet ;attends staff meetings and facilitates team support meetings; participates ininternal working committees; may provide input on program policies andprocedures; may provide input re: the development of protocols with communitypartners; provides input to program newsletter; participates in program relatedcommunity committees.
  • Represents the agency in accordance with outlined goals and objectives;represents the program at community events.
  • Respects confidentiality; relates to parents, children and other staff members ina professional and ethical manner.
  • Attends professional development seminars and conferences as approved andshares information with agency staff; conducts internet and other research.
  • Maintains up to date knowledge regarding current practices/information forchildren with special needs, the broader early learning & child care field andrelevant computer skills; knowledge of and uses PowerPoint, Boardmaker,computerized file management, e-mail, digital camera.
  • Supports the identification of community training needs; develops, provides andevaluates training (e.g. presentations, in-services, workshops) for the broadercommunity as delegated based on the CISS Training Committee training plan forparents/ early learning & child care community.

Role with community at large

  • Advocates on behalf of children with special needs in the community; provides training to staff, parents and others through workshops and in-services; ensures that resource materials are available to programs; identifies needs for public education and provides input into educational programs.
  • Liaises with Ontario EarlyOn Centres to support staff in providing an inclusive approach for families; may provide consultation, training and attend meetings.
  • Other related duties as may be assigned by the Program Director.
  • Works in accordance with Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Standards.


  • Early Childhood Education diploma or other relevant post secondary education training
  • RECE in good standing
  • Resource Teacher/Advanced Studies certificate or recognized equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working with children and families
  • Minimum of 3 years experience working with children with special needs and proven commitment to inclusion
  • Knowledge of word-processing skills compatible with what is current in the software industry as well as what is being used at AFCS
  • Fluency in both official languages for designated positions as determined by the Program and the French Designation Plan; for some roles an asset only
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal in both official languages
  • Strong organizational, time management, group presentation and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Excellent advocacy skills
  • Proven ability to work independently and also as member of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Sensitivity and respect for families and cultural differences
  • Commitment to on-going up-grading of knowledge and skills
  • A current driver’s licence and use of a car

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