EarlyOn Educator


Provides and supports the delivery of core services at the EarlyON Child and Family Centre with AFCS. The EarlyON Educator meets the early years needs of the OttawaSouth community which include early learning activities, parent resources and training, pre- and post-natal resources, information and referral, volunteer coordination and outreach services. The staff of the EarlyON Child and Family Centre work as a team to deliver the servicesof the Centre.

Key Objectives

  • Provides services to meet the early years needs of providers and parents ofchildren ages 0 to 6 in the Ottawa South community. The services will beaccessible to all families, regardless of socio-economic background, culture,language or special needs, and will help give children a healthy start.
  • Performs duties in accordance with the mission statement and core values ofAFCS and the mandate of the EarlyON Centre.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

Early Learning Activities
  • Plans and develops varied playgroup programs with playgroups leaders on andoff-site to meet child and adult needs; plans activities appropriate to the agesand developmental stages of the children which include art, dramatic play,science, music, language and sensory activities to enable parents and caregiversto provide similar developmental activities in the home and elsewhere;encourages and facilities participants to assume responsibility for theorganization and ongoing operation of the playgroups.
  • Implements program plans on a daily basis; provides a welcoming, nurturing environment and activities which encourage interaction among children and adults across culture; role models appropriate interaction and behaviour management techniques with children; supports adults in solving problems with understanding and referrals to resources and programs.
  • Develops and supports playgroups and other resources at satellite sites.
  • Assists in the management and maintenance of the Toy and Game Library and the Parent Resource Library; identifies the need for the purchase of toys and games suitable for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, and children with special needs; identifies the need for the purchase of resource books; assists in the development and maintenance of the large equipment program.
  • Coordinates literacy and other learning activities as an effective basis for language acquisition skills
Information and Referral
  • Coordinates and provides information and advice to parents/caregivers on suchtopics as parenting, developmental milestones, pre- and post-natal care.
  • Provides information and helps parents link to other early year programs andservices in the community, such as child care services, health services,assessment services and recreation programs.
  • Assists in supporting and informing the parents/caregivers and the communitythrough written resource materials, newsletters, and other means ofcommunication; provides services to on-site clients; responds to telephone ande-mail requests.
  • Maintains and develops EarlyON information and resources
  • Identifies parents/caregivers training needs; develops training plans andarranges workshops meeting identified needs; plans and delivers the workshopswhen needed.
Volunteer Coordination / Student Supervision
  • Identifies duties and tasks for the volunteers; ensures compliance of policiesand procedures; assists in identifying community resources; recruits, interviewsand assigns volunteers; arranges volunteer orientation and training required for specific tasks; assists in developing mechanisms for volunteer recognition (informal and formal).
  • Supervises student placements; assists the students in learning about andworking with the clients within the mandate of the agency and provides inputto the students’ evaluation
  • Participates in external committees where appropriate, participates inoutreach activities appropriate to the programs; assists in the developmentof publicity material.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of outreach strategies forthe program.
  • Coordinates, supports and supervises playgroup leaders, volunteers and students and schedules their tasks; conducts evaluations.
  • Greets the public; answers the phone; performs other required administrative duties.
  • Maintains healthy and safe environment; removes or fixes unsafe equipment and toys; performs light housekeeping duties as required; sanitizes toys and equipment; secures facilities.
  • Maintains attendance records, statistics and other data gathering requirements of the EarlyON Child and Family Centre.
Other Duties
  • Participates in agency work and the broader community; reports to EarlyOn Director at least monthly; organizes EarlyON fundraising events; participates in EarlyON staff meetings and committees; liaises with other AFCS programs.
  • Maintains current knowledge of services and resources; updates computer program knowledge; recommends program and policy updates
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the EarlyON Director
  • Works in accordance with Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Standards


  • RECE – Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Equivalent recognized by the College of Early Childhood Educators and Registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators
  • Minimum of five years of experience working with families and children
  • Experience and proven ability in working with adults
  • Extensive knowledge of early years child development
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Working knowledge of related community resources in the City of Ottawa
  • Sensitivity and respect for individual and cultural differences
  • Demonstrated flexibility and ability to work effectively in a team
  • Strong group presentation and facilitation skills
  • Working knowledge of both official languages is required for some positions
  • Other languages appropriate to the community served would be an asset.
  • Availability to work flexible hours
  • Knowledge of word processing, data management and other computer skills compatible with what is current in the software industry as well as what is being used at AFCS
  • Access to a car is essential
  • Knowledge of special needs would be an asset

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