CISS Director


Accountable for the overall provision of high quality, centralized, city wide support services to licensed nursery schools, early learning and care centres, school age and home early learning and care programs that include children who have special needs between the ages of six weeks and ten years of age. The Director oversees all support services to community programs through planning and evaluation of services, supervision and development of program staff, development and management of informational and financial resources, development of policies, procedures, and protocols and effective communication with agencies and groups in the community.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

Human Resources, Staff Leadership, Supervision, and Development

  • Plans for staffing, recruits, selects, hires, evaluates, develops, disciplines, and recommends termination of staff according to AFCS policies
  • Supervises staff directly and through Team Leader
  • Develops annual work plans and staffing plans and evaluates staff performance
  • Implements Human Resource Policies, procedures and practices of the agency
  • Ensures staff remains current and knowledgeable; leads staff development and training instilling a culture for ongoing learning; mentors and coaches, participates in professional development; engages staff to shape the vision and values of the program
  • Advises and consults with staff on program issues through regular individual contact and meetings
  • Coordinates schedules, meetings, staff responsibilities and caseload distribution to ensure quality operations and services
  • Develops policies and procedures and best practices

Program Planning, Development and Delivery

  • Oversees and coordinates planning and development of the service delivery model; develops and implements guiding principles, goals and objectives of program; conducts strategic planning and translates vision into concrete work activities.
  • Prepares work plans, presentations and budget for consultation with Executive Director
  • Prepares a program evaluation every two (2) years for the Executive Director, Board, City of Ottawa and Community
  • Researches and analyzes community needs to determine program directions and goals; communicates with broader community; liaises and consults with area early learning and care inter-agency associations related to inclusion in order to provide responsive programs and to co-ordinate inclusion strategies in community at large; assigns program staff to community boards and committees. Develops program reports for funders, executive director and board of directors
  • Develops a program evaluation framework, regularly reviews current approaches in program and accesses any needs for change. Identifies gaps in services/program specific/municipality and provincially, Proactive leadership provincially regarding gaps in services for children who live with special needs, develops and responds to RFP’s to address gaps
  • Presents and participates in platforms to develop policies regarding program requirements, participant eligibility, and program benefits. Recommends policy on all aspects of service development and delivery; identifies emerging issues in community at large; participates in other Board committees and represents agency on appropriate community groups
  • Keeps current on the changing landscape of children’s services and political changes ;leads and manages change, adjusting to changing landscape
  • Ensures procedures are well defined and followed to ensure consistency of approach
  • Liaises with other Directors to ensure effective and efficient program delivery, actively participates on the agency management team

Community Relations

  • Liaises with programs and agencies city wide; develops and maintains partnerships/protocols with agencies and programs which provide services to children with special needs; liaises with municipal government on the allocation of subsidized spaces and on budget allocations; meets with programs which offer services to children with special needs when required.
  • Communicates with broader community; liaises and consults with early learning and care inter-agency associations related to inclusion in order to provide responsive programs and to co-ordinate inclusion strategies in community at large; assigns program staff to community boards and committees
  • Accountable for the effective delivery and promotion of training for the community on inclusion issues
  • Presents and participates in workshops, conferences and public presentations
  • Liaises with colleges to ensure diploma programs are meeting the needs of the community

Financial Responsibilities

  • Develops all necessary program budget proposals; oversees the allocation of all inclusion funds including subsidized spaces and enhanced staff support funding; monitors budgets; approves expenditures; oversees petty cash
  • Manages program funds according to established accounting policies and procedures
  • Develops an annual internal budget and operating plan to support the program. Ensures the program operates within the approved budget.
  • Budget size of 4- 5 million
  • Signing authority as per policy
  • Accountable for service contracts of approximately $ 1 million
  • Interprets, analyses, and reconciles financial statements

Reporting, Documentation, Administrative procedures

  • Develops and oversees service documentation; ensures development of general, children’s and program’s filing system; ensures maintenance of required documentation, statistics and financial reports; writes reports.

Health and Safety

  • Ensures a safe and healthy environment for the children at TCNS and all staff
  • Knows and follows legislation and organizational roles and responsibilities for Health and Safety
  • Identifies hazards or potentially hazardous situations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe environment
  • Ensures program meets and follows Health & Safety standards & meets the CCEYA requirements

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Accountability for all staff in CISS; many staff are in itinerant roles. Staff have a high visibility throughout the community. Supervises a variety of different position types.

Interaction with Clientele and Public

  • Liaises and develops partnerships and protocols with programs and agencies city wide; liaises with municipal government and provincial government
  • Represents AFCS at forums; working member of community advisory planning tables
  • Advocate for children living with special needs at the municipal and provincial level

Physical Demands

  • Lifting equipment may be required
  • Extended times sitting
  • Computer work

Physical Demands

  • Work hours typically extend beyond 35 hours work week.
  • Travel to conferences, forums ,workshops and meetings
  • Evening and weekend workshops, presentations and forums


  • Registered with College of Early Childhood Education
  • Resource Teacher Certificate (an asset)
  • 10 years demonstrated experience in Early Childhood Education and child development with a minimum of 4 years working with special needs children
  • Leadership/ Management Certificate or equivalent experience/ education
  • Strong knowledge of Early Childhood Education and child development
  • Strong knowledge of special needs and impact on families
  • Knowledge of applicable local, provincial and national platforms and client needs
  • Knowledge of early learning and care community
  • Strong knowledge of current community resources and services
  • Experience developing and delivering workshops and training sessions
  • Minimum of 5 yrs Supervisory experience supervising multidisciplinary teams
  • Valid driver’s license and car to travel, as required
  • Basic finance management skills with ability to create and manage a budget
  • Thorough knowledge of the Child Care and Early Years Act
  • Current Criminal Background Check for the vulnerable screening sector.
  • Demonstrated competency in Microsoft Office Suite environment.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Ability to work in French and English may be required

Leadership Competencies

Interactive and written communication skills: speaks and writes articulately, listens to others, fosters open communication, uses appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques; communicates issues in a timely fashion.

Responsive to Client Needs: anticipates, understands and responds to the needs of internal and external clients and community, strives to exceed their expectations within the agency parameters

Leadership: builds, empowers and inspires, creates an environment where others consistently strive for high quality performance, positively motivates and influences others, sets an example of excellence and integrity, mentors and coaches, inspires trust and shows respect.

Strategic Thinking: engages others to set strategic goals, identifies and assesses internal and external trends, opportunities, and risks, promotes a shared understanding of the vision; responds to emerging trends with program initiatives that are aligned with the agency’s vision and values

Developing Others: fosters employee development by providing a supportive learning environment; ability to coach others, considers team composition, provides feedback on performance and sets goals and objectives

Decision Making: anticipates, understands and responds to the needs of internal and external clients and community, strives to exceed their expectations within the agency parameters

Creativity and Innovation: develops new and unique ways to improve services, operations, and opportunities, meets challenges with resourcefulness.

Leading and Managing Change: supports, implements and initiates change while helping others deal with transition, demonstrates adaptability and resilience in response to changing work environment and demands. Is proactive and action-oriented in developing creative solutions to problems while encouraging creativity and innovative thinking in staff; Adjusts strategies to take account of changing circumstances, adopts new ways of working where necessary and motivates staff to adapt to change.

Relationship building and Partnerships: establishes, sustains and fosters professional contacts to build, enhance and connect networks, identifies and creates opportunities to initiate new partnerships that will facilitate the achievement of strategic goals

Program Evaluation: familiarity with evaluation programs, techniques and procedures for quality assurance; evaluates program processes, goals and outcomes and analyzes information

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